I'm Samuel

My name is Samuel and I am the Owner and Creative Director at Koach Studios.


I’ve always been a creative person invested most of my life in music and creative arts. When I first picked up a Yashica semiautomatic MF2 Film camera, I started seeing the world differently and fell in love with telling people’s story through it. Since then, I developed my technique and approach in order to document the world around me in a photojournalistic, natural and creative way. 


I love photographing people; whether it’s a wedding, family portrait or a lifestyle session; the individual in front of the camera is always my inspiration. And my biggest reward is the smiles I see after sharing the photos I take.


In May 2016 I founded “Koach Studios” to provide services in photography, video, audio and graphic designing. “Koach” (ko’-akh)in Hebrew means ability, strength. It is the power of God given to His people. I kept this name because I wanted to use the koach that God has given me to change the world.

My Style:

Whether you are having a high-end wedding on the beach, or just you two in the backyard, our unique style of photography/cinematography is deeply influenced by your story. We work closely with you to document your most cherished moments and to create an artistic representation of your raw, natural emotion. We do this through a combination of photojournalism and minimally posed magazine-inspired sessions that convey your unique style. In the end, we want you to look at your wedding photos and videos and feel the emotions you felt on that day and to again hear the laughter of your loved ones.

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